Crafting Your Bare Minimum: How To Be Stylish When You Feel Like You Got Hit By A Truck

Yesterday my heart broke.  I knew it was going to happen.  I had no delusions that it would be any different. But still, my heart broke.  My teenage son was visiting and had to go back home to his dad.  It was a beautiful week full of laughs, family and the beach.  But, he needed to go home and fulfill his responsibilities as an incoming senior in high school. 

It was also Father’s Day and I wanted to make sure my husband had a fun day.  He doesn’t get nearly enough praise and recognition from me, and this was a perfect day to show him how much he means to us.  We brainstormed and came up with lunch and a trip to GameStop. 

I wanted to show him a good time, but I was feeling like hell.  My eyes were swollen from crying, my sinuses were clogged, and my face was red.  I didn’t just feel like hell, I looked like it.  Mr. Holcomb and I came up with the idea of doing the bare minimum to still be true to myself.  There was no way, after all I’ve read about personal branding, that I was going out in sweats and no make up.  I needed some basic essentials. 

I picked a few things that were part of my signature and perked me up.  Then I did a bit of damage control to the areas that needed work.  Today was not the day for a smokey eye or red lip. 

My bare minimum makeup is:

1. Concealer

2. Mascara

3. A tiny winged liner to lift my eye

4. Bronzer/blush/highlight 

5. Lipgloss

6. Glitter!!!!!

I didn’t feel like having a full face of makeup but I knew some strategically placed products would help lift my eyes and add color to the face.  Glitter is one of my signatures, so I had to add it in. 

For accessories, I put on a tiara because, why not?  I needed to feel fabulous.  When you wear an outrageous accessory, nobody is looking at your eye bags.  Big sunnies hid my eyes and a sparkly necklace added some shine.  I kept my purse and shoes easy and no nonsense, and threw my hair into a claw. 

For the outfit, I layered black, red and white. It’s an easy combination that can’t go wrong.  I’m wearing a black cami and red tank top from Fred Meyer and white denim shorts from Walmart.  Nothing crazy.  Just easy, breezy and comfy, but still super cute. 

There you have it.  Easy, sparkly and still me- just a basic version. 

Do you have a bare minimum routine to get you through the tough days?  If so, I’d love to hear about it. 


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