What’s in a Name? My Rebranding Story

Disclaimer- I may cause some parental upset. I promise, I don’t mean to. I love my name now 😀

Have you ever thought about your name? What it means? Who else has that name? What is it associated with? 

For years I hated my name.  I associated it with alcohol (the literal meaning is “burnt wine”), strippers and dogs.  I lost count of how many times I’ve heard “Brandi?  I can remember that!  That’s my dogs name!”  I remember watching a show about the effect a name has on a person’s future.  The narrator said certain names bring to mind a trailer park, stripper vibe.  He started naming a few names, and I remember saying, “Don’t you dare say it, don’t you dare say it.”  Then he said it- Brandi. 

I decided to create a new name to use as my pen name when I started my blog.  At the time, I loved bees and my middle name Kristina.  So Kristina Bee was born.  I wrote under that pen name for six years. 

But recently, I’ve been feeling conflicted.  I am who I am, and I love who I am.  I’m not a dog or a stripper or a bimbo.  In fact, since I’ve moved to the Portland area, I’ve met so many Brandis and none of them fit into that stereotype.  The ladies I’ve met are smart, strong, creative, passionate, and just good people in general. 

At this time, I also started reading about making a brand.  I won’t get into the details,  but the author strongly suggests using your name as your brand name, becoming a living representative of your brand. 

So who am I?  I am creative, zany, funny, sparkly and passionate.  I’m weird, different, an individual.  I am not corporate, conservative, or average. Kristina Bee wanted to fit in.  Brandi Holcomb will never fit in.  Once I came to understand who I am and what I’m about, I realized my whole brand needed to change. 

Brandi means burnt wine.  I love wine and I’m smoking hot.  I’m also intoxicating and have a fiery temper.  I am Brandi, and I am here to stay!


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