Why Old Hollywood Glamour is my Style

I am not a low-key, down to Earth, low maintenance kind of lady. I am not “natural” or normal. Average and mediocrity scare me. I get asked often if being a glamour queen is a hard lifestyle? Do I tire of it? Is it expensive? I have to answer with a resounding NO!!!! 

Being outrageous is actually easier for me for a few reasons.

 1. I don’t care what the Joneses are doing. Therefore, I don’t try to keep up with them. This includes my purchases as well as my beauty routine. I don’t do nail or hair salons in order to have the newest hair trend. In fact, my current hair color cost me a whopping $3.28. I’m perfectly content in a retro home decorated with thrift store treasures compared to having the newest appliances and furniture.  

 2. My style is not trendy. For the past few (or ten) years, the rustic style has been trending big time. When a style trends, it increases in price because everybody wants it. This goes for clothes as well as household decor. I recently bought a pair of beautiful, very well made black slacks for $15 at Macy’s. Guess how much the ripped and faded pair was? Ten times more expensive. If it is torn, stained, frayed, splintered, weathered, or distressed- it’s a pass for me. Not having the same taste means I can go to Goodwill and pick up gorgeous crystal or china or classic clothes for five dollars. 

 3. Glamour is my state of zen. My life has been turned upside down. Fortunately, the good stuff was on the bottom because I am loving where I am. But, as with any change, I suffered from stress in the form of sleep deprivation and anxiety. When I look at what makes me happy, things like a beautiful cup of tea, a silky robe, a supersoft throw, they calm me down. I actually sleep better when I wear gorgeous lingerie and perfume.

 4. This is MY natural state of being. But what if I don’t like sparkles and furs and crystal? That’s totally ok! Just because I love glam doesn’t mean you have to. You may like a more natural state. Thats perfectly ok- for you. When what you’re doing feels effortless, it is your natural state. Doing a winged liner and red lips, dying my hair and doing a roller set, wearing a garter and stockings, those are easy for me. Doing what’s easy (but not lazy) is the best way to find your inner style. 

I thoroughly enjoy my style. I never find it grueling or monotonous. I’ve tried being more natural. I’ve tried hippie chic, french casual and frumpy dumpy. Every single one felt like it required more effort because I wasn’t being true to myself. When you’re true to yourself, no matter what your style, life becomes more glamorous. 

 I wish everybody a fantastic weekend!


Kristina Bee


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