How To Wear Neon Part 1

Ahhhhh neon.  I adore neon.  One of my favorite colors is electric blue, and I see neon yellow as a pseudo neutral.  If you can only conjure up images of the 80s and  early 90s, then read on my friends. My goal is to make neon relevant again by combining it with fresh patterns, textures, and color combinations. 

An unexpected but fantastic combination is neon yellow with berry.  This day I went to my husband’s school so he could do some placement testing.  I seized the opportunity to get some quiet writing time in. 

The trick here is to treat the yellow as a neutral and let the berry be the actual pop of color.  Paired with the grey, the yellow pops. But as you can see, when paired with berry, the neon actually tames in comparison. 

I love this outfit!  I feel vibrant and I sure don’t blend in. 

Next is my play with neon blue, my favorite!

Have a glamtastic week!


Kristina Bee

Pants- Calvin Klein

Shoes- Payless

Shirt and Jacket- My MIL’s Closet

Photography by Marcus D. Holcomb


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