Back To My Old Self

On my last post, I mentioned a makeover. Being tired of looking tired and frumpy, I decided today was the day.

This last week has been very trying. Not only has work been extra tough, the negotiated pay rate was not what I was paid in my check. I got it straightened out but I look like I’ve been through a battle. Adding to the stress, I hurt both my shoulder and ankle and just want to lay in an ice bath.

First thing this morning I gave myself a facial, co-washed then deep conditioned my hair and did the grooming stuff we, as ladies, neglect when we’re busy.  I gave my hair a blowout but it didn’t look quite right. I’m not accustomed to the humidity in the Pacific Northwest and my hair frizzed pretty badly. So I went back in with a 3/4 inch curling iron and alternated the direction of curl around my head. I cut some bangs, sprayed enough Elnette to cause breathing difficulty and voila, my hair is done.

My makeup routine is pretty simple. I used eyeshadow from the boudoir palette from Too Faced, liquid liner, and natural foundation, blush and lip color. If you want a full breakdown of what I used, let me know.

I wanted a typical “me” outfit. My favorite is flowy pants, wrap shirts with Ralph Lauren and Coach thrown in. That’s exactly what I did here. I added some sparkly silver earrings and rings because I need a sparkle in my life. If you’ve known me awhile, you know my infatuation with silk scarves tied around my neck. This one is from Coach and it gives a little pop of color.

I’m almost done. Wen I get home, I’ll do a home manicure with my favorite Essie polish in Wicked. I feel refreshed, relaxed and pretty. I’m inspired to really dive back into my fashion love. Just in time for fall!


I hate to call this one a blooper because I love it but what is that thing growing out of my head?

Let me know what you’d like next. I love your input.


Kristina Bee

Photography by Marcus D. Holcomb


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