Finding My Pretty

“Finding your pretty.”  What on Earth does that mean?  I believe it is a journey of finding your most beautiful, confident, genuine self. I want to thank my soul mate, Jaunnette, for asking me the tough, objective questions I needed to think about.  You make such a positive difference in my life and I love you!

My journey, like most women, has been life long.  I’ve been the ugly duckling, I’ve been “hot”, awkward, gorgeous, and invisible at different parts of my life.

Lately, I’ve been feeling invisible and lost.  I’ve been having an identity crisis of sorts.  What started as a normal hormone filled night, with the bloating and skin as bad as my mood, escalated into a genuine sadness for the old me.  I wanted to feel pretty again. 

After a tough realization that I was trying to please other people and not myself, I got the idea to think back to when I felt the best about myself.  Not just when I thought I was pretty, but when I felt strong, feminine, charming and healthy. 

Here are two pics from that time. This was before I learned about filters and Photoshop.  They are completely real. 

I don’t believe in living in the past.  I will never again be 31 years old. My job, friends, interests, even my home is very different. 

What I can do is take what worked and make it work for me again.  I can analyze what I did to make me feel pretty and feminine. 

For me it’s soft curls, bangs, natural makeup and great skin. I’m excited because I will be having a makeover shortly and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

What makes you feel pretty?  Are you all natural?  Do you love crazy hair and makeup?  Are you tattooed or pierced?  Hair in a ponytail and wearing workout clothes? 

Whatever it is that makes you feel good, own it.  The great thing about beauty is there is no one standard.  We are all uniquely beautiful.  Go ahead and shine, hon.  Find your pretty! 

I would love to know when you felt the most beautiful, inside and out. 


Kristina Bee


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