A Ray of Sunshine in a Grey Day

Yesterday, I woke up and felt the grey.  I didn’t even have to look outside.  I could feel the heaviness of the clouds in my body. Everywhere I looked, grey, grey grey.  But, I felt the need to put a little bit of sunshine in the day since it was my eighth wedding anniversary. 
The first idea was to go get coffee together and get some groceries for our spectacular anniversary dinner we were going to cook together.  While we were out, the sun made a short appearance and we decided to drive to the park and take some pics. 
It was a wonderful hour spent chasing the perfect lighting, trying to capture the beauty of this majestic place.  An impromptu date with my wonderful husband made the grey go away.

Outtakes and bloopers 

These are lighting tests. I can’t seem to be serious during them. 

Photography by 

Marcus D. Holcomb


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