Diary of a Fashion Blogger- Desert Shoot

Hello my loyal readers! It’s been a while since I’ve done an OOTD or fashion blog, and I know you miss them. I decided to make this one extra fun and special. Instead of one outfit, I have two. Both are featuring the Jersey maxi- skirt from H&M. This skirt is very long! So long, in fact, that I can wear it under my bust as a high waisted skirt. It has a slit to the knee on each side and is made of a soft, flowy jersey.
The setting is the beautiful Riggs Hill in Grand Junction, Colorado. Riggs Hill is full of geological diversity. In fact, there is a memorial plaque for a man who found a dinosaur skeleton there! It’s desert upon desert. You need to watch out for cacti, lizards, and bugs galore. I chose Riggs because I like the juxtaposition of ancient rock formations against modern clothing.

Right now it’s 97 degrees and not a storm cloud in site. It’s hot and dry. With me, I have my daughter and husband. I also have a bag with a change of clothes, extra shoes and a bottle of water.

The hike was tough! It’s a steep incline and without proper hiking shoes, it’s slippery. Add to that my asthma and it’s a challenge. My daughter did amazingly well on the way up. We didn’t climb to the tip top because it has steep cliffs, deep crevasses and no shade whatsoever. We stopped and made camp at a little covered bench.

 No sooner that my husband started scouting locations, my daughter started getting hot and cranky. We needed to make this quick! We found a rock that had perfect lighting and I felt the need to do my best Wonder Woman pose. We took a few pics and I went back to base camp and changed. It felt so good to get out of the two long long sleeved shirts I had layered. After a few more pics on the same rock, I felt inspired by the campfire ring. I’m not sure why but I thought it was beautiful. By this time, my daughter was becoming like a typical overheated six year old. It was time to make the trek back down the hill.

All in all, we got two pics I fell in love with and I had a blast taking the hundred others that made it to the cutting room floor. There is something about nature that makes me feel alive, strong and beautiful!


Have a fabulous weekend my dearies!

Kristina Bee
White shirt- JC Penny

Silver jewelry- a birthday gift from a friend

Shoes- Payless Shoes

Berry shirt- Pollux

Cream undershirt- Modefa

Black hijab- Goodwill!

Black ninja under scarf- Etsy

Maroon hijab and under scarf- A gift from a friend overseas

Skirt- H&M


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