The Emptiness

In the beginning, there was emptiness.  Not sadness or depression, not anger, but also, not happiness, joy, or calm.  There was just an unexplainable heaviness. Occasionally, there was a bout of uncontrollable laughter or an agoraphobia attack, but the most common feeling was emptiness.

So why then, is my blog titled The Full Glass if I am talking about emptiness?  Because I want to share with you my journey from feeling like an empty void, to feeling like my soul is so full, its overflowing.  I’ve learned a lot about self-care and I want to share with you the tools I use when I feel lost.

I have a couple of disclaimers to add.  The first is that I am not a doctor or trained counselor.  In fact, the only school I can officially claim as my alma mater, is the school of hard knocks.  I am not aiming to diagnose or cure any ailment, but rather to share my personal story and what has worked for me.  The second disclaimer is I will be talking about spirituality and religion.  I claim a faith and I respect everybody else’s right to claim their faith.  I believe we all have the same destination and questions, just different paths to get there.  When I use God, it’s my way of saying God, Holy Spirit, Universe, or Higher Power.  I am in no way trying to sway anyone’s beliefs because I feel they are very personal.

What is in store for this blog?  I will mostly focus on my relationship with myself, but I will also add my experiences with relationships, health, and even some beauty tips and tricks.  Take what is useful, ignore what is not.  All I ask is for interactions to be respectful.  I want my place to be one of love, acceptance and fun!

I am so excited to get started!

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